Best Toys for Chickens (My Top Picks for 2024)

Chickens, just like any other pets, can experience boredom, which often leads to stress and undesirable behaviors. But what if there was a way to enrich their environment, mentally stimulate them, and ensure their well-being? 

In this review guide, I tested and reviewed my top picks for toys for chickens in 2024. Let’s see if they effectively ensure our chickens are entertained, engaged, happy, and healthy.

Reviews of the Best Toys for Chickens for 2024

1. Chicken Perch and Ramp Trainer

When you first touch the Chicken Perch and Ramp Trainer, you’ll be impressed by the robustness of the pine wood. This isn’t just for show; it’s a practical design that ensures your baby chickens can clamber up with confidence without any wobbling or risks of accidents. 

If cleaning concerns you, put those worries to rest. You’ll find the smoothed surface a dream to clean. A quick scrub is all it takes to keep the perch looking its best, and the best part? Your chicks, rabbits, and guinea pigs can frolic without getting their feet scratched.

Assembly couldn’t be simpler. Thanks to the intuitive flexible hinge, setting up feels almost automatic. And when it’s time to store it, you’ll appreciate how effortlessly it folds away.

But it isn’t just about functionality. The bamboo joint design, reminiscent of playful baby chick toys, will catch your chicks’ attention, keeping them entertained and reducing any chances of bored pecking. And on those days when the weather isn’t playing nice? This perch doubles up as a spacious lounge, shielding your chicks from the elements.


  • Best toys for chickens 
  • The ladder is made of sturdy pine wood that does not crack during use
  • The smoothed surface of the ladder makes it easy to clean and remove any feces stains
  • The ladder design prevents scratching the feet of small animals like chickens
  • Simple assembly and storage
  • The ladder is appropriately sized for accommodating chicks for 2-4 weeks
  • The bamboo joint-like design adds an element of fun for baby chicks.
  • Multi-functional


  • The wood is not sealed, which might affect its longevity, especially if exposed to outdoor conditions

2. Chicken Swing Toy for Coop

The Chicken Swing Toy for Coop provides natural comfort for my chickens, allowing them to perch securely and enjoy some much-needed entertainment. The swing’s solid construction ensures it will last, and its adjustable design makes it suitable for various coop sizes. 

My chickens quickly took to it, and it’s become a beloved addition to their coop, offering both entertainment and stress relief. If you want to keep your feathered friends happy and engaged, this swing is a fantastic investment that your birds will love.

As a proud chicken owner, I can attest to the quality craftsmanship of this swing, proudly made in the USA.


  • Safe and comfortable perch that allows chickens to get off the ground
  • The swing is adjustable in height
  • Handcrafted from solid wood
  • Good for environmental enrichment
  • The swing can help relieve stress in chickens


  • If placed in an outdoor coop, exposure to the elements may affect the swing’s durability over time

3. Chicken Vegetable String Bag

The CooShou Chicken Vegetable String Bag has proven to be one of the best toys for chickens. Crafted from durable nylon and generously sized at 24 inches, it accommodates various fruits and vegetables, making it a versatile and robust poultry fruit holder. Its colorful design with a convenient hanging hook minimizes food waste and engages chickens in a fun, natural foraging experience. 

When filled with treats like cabbage, tomatoes, and corn, it keeps my chickens happily pecking away, preventing boredom and promoting healthy activity. What sets it apart is its safety – it’s worry-free, ensuring my chickens can enjoy their treats without any harm. 

In short, this practical and entertaining chicken coop toy has become a favorite among my hens, providing them with chicken enrichment and hours of fun.


  • The bag allows you to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to your chickens
  • It encourages chickens playing to engage in natural foraging behavior.
  • The bag is built to withstand pecking and wear and tear
  • The included hook makes it simple to hang in the coop
  • Safe for the backyard flock
  • It can accommodate various fruits and vegetables for chicken-eating


  • Not ideal for smaller items like grapes, apple slices or cherries

4. Chick Perch Strong Wooden Jungle Gym

The Backyard Barnyard Chick Perch is a fantastic addition to any chicken coop or brooder. It provides a comfortable and safe spot for baby chicks to perch, making them feel secure and cozy. These perches are not only great for the little ones but also serve as a useful training tool to teach chicks how to roost. 

They are well-built with solid wood, ensuring durability, and come with 7 perching rods and a unique triangular side opening, making them a fun and engaging toy for your chicks. Whether raising baby chicks or adult hens, these roosting bars are a valuable addition to your poultry setup.


  • Enhances chick comfort
  • It aids in early roosting training and chick development
  • The roosting bars are sturdy and built to last, ensuring long-term use
  • Made in the USA
  • The design encourages active play and exercise among chicks.


  • Bars on the smaller side could be made slightly larger and spaced further apart.
  • To make cleaning easier, you may need to paint the perch themselves.

5. Chicken Treat Roller

I had the chance to try out one of the best toys for chickens in 2024, the Ware Manufacturing Chicken Treat Roller. This clever contraption is the perfect mealworm dispenser for chickens, accommodating their natural behavior to peck, scratch, and look for treats. It provides them with stimulation and healthy activity, which is fantastic for their well-being. 

Filling it with treats is a breeze, and cleaning it is just as easy. Measuring 5-3/4 inches long, 2-1/4 inches wide, and 2-1/4 inches high, it’s a convenient size for any chicken coop or run. My chickens absolutely love it, and I love how it keeps my chickens entertained and engaged while also providing them with a tasty treat. 

If you’re looking to add some fun and enrichment to your flock’s routine, the Ware Manufacturing Chicken Treat Roller is definitely worth a try.


  • The design of the dispenser aligns with chickens’ natural behaviors
  • Promotes healthy activity and mental health
  • Easy to fill and clean.
  • It has received positive ratings for sturdiness and durability, indicating that it can withstand pecking and use by chickens


  • The dispenser appears to leave some mealworms behind that chickens can’t access, leading to potential mold issues if not cleaned promptly.

5. Chicken Feeder Toy

Having had the chance to test out the Lixit Chicken Feeder Toy with my flock, I can confidently say it’s a game-changer. The way it releases food as the chickens peck is not only a brilliant concept but truly provides hours of fun for them. It’s incredibly versatile, allowing me to mix things up by filling it with seeds, fruits, or even mealworms. 

Plus, the design thoughtfully considers us caretakers, too – refilling is a breeze. If you’re looking to keep your chickens engaged, exercised, and free from boredom, this toy is a must-have.


  • The toy provides chickens with entertainment and mental stimulation
  • Versatile treat options
  • It helps prevent boredom in the flock
  • The toy is designed for easy refilling


  • Tossing the toy too far can cause it to break open and spill the treats.

Why Do Chickens Need Chicken Toys?

Chickens need chicken toys to make sure they stay happy and healthy. Just like people and other animals, chickens can get bored and sad if they don’t have things to do. When pet chickens are unhappy, they can sometimes become aggressive, peck at each other, or even eat their own eggs. 

Chicken or bird toys keep them busy and entertained, preventing these problems. Toys can also encourage chickens to move around and exercise, which helps them stay in good shape. So, giving your chickens toys is a great way to keep them cheerful and avoid any chicken drama in the coop.

My Pick for the Best Toys for Chickens for 2024

My best pick toys for chicken in 2024 is the Chicken Perch and Ramp Trainer. This innovative and practical addition to your coop benefits your feathered friends. It helps backyard chickens stay active, offers a secure place to roost, and can even prevent boredom-related issues like aggression or egg eating. 

The Chicken Perch and Ramp Trainer is a versatile solution that promotes both physical and mental well-being in your flock. Investing in this chicken toy is a surefire way to keep your pet chicken happy, healthy, and entertained throughout the year.

If you’re interested in learning more about chicken raising and how the right toys can enhance your chickens’ lives, you can read more about it on our website.

Amelia Quinn

Living a self-sufficient lifestyle and raising chickens has been my passion since childhood. Over the years, I've realized this dream and gained valuable hands-on experience. Today, I am committed to empowering beginners and dreamers alike, help them navigate their own journey towards self-sufficiency and poultry farming.

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