Starlight Green Egger Profile: All You Need to Know

The Starlight Green Egger stands out as a remarkable breed in the poultry world, captivating both backyard enthusiasts and commercial farmers with its unique attributes. Known for producing stunning green eggs, this breed combines the rare beauty of its egg color with impressive laying capabilities, making it a sought-after addition to any flock.

So, let’s discuss this chicken breed’s origins, characteristics, and care requirements, providing all the essential information for anyone considering this distinctive breed or simply curious about what sets it apart from other chickens.

Quick Overview of Starlight Green Egger

  • Temperament: Active, yet easy-going and friendly
  • Weight: 5-6 lbs
  • Eggs per year: Approximately 280
  • Egg Size: Large 
  • Egg Color: Green
  • Cold Hardy: Yes
  • Heat Hardy: Yes
  • Hardiness: Resilient in both cold and heat conditions
  • Beginner-friendly: Suitable for beginners

Characteristics of the Starlight Green Egger Chicken

The Starlight Green Egger chicken is a special kind of chicken that lays green eggs, around 280 a year! It’s similar to another chicken called the Prairie Bluebell Egger. This chicken comes from mixing a Bluebell Egger with a chicken that lays brown eggs. They’re not too big, weighing about 4 to 5 pounds, and they’re very active, great at finding their own food outdoors.

What’s really cool about them is their feathers, which can have lots of different colors and patterns you might not see on other chickens. This chicken is a special creation by Hoover’s Hatchery and stands out because of its unique look and egg color. Since it’s a mix, each chicken can look a bit different. They’re medium-sized, easy to care for, and perfect for letting roam around outside.

starlight green egger

Its adaptability extends to its ability to thrive in various climates, including hot and humid regions, and it is equally versatile in housing conditions—making it ideal for backyard flocks and small farms. 

Moreover, the breed has a global presence in specific regions across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Personality and Temperament of Starlight Green Egger Chicken

The Starlight Green Egger chicken is a favorite not only because it looks unique and lays lots of green eggs, but also because it’s super friendly.

This chicken is calm and easy to get along with, making it perfect for families, especially if you have kids. Since they’re curious and like to explore, you’ll need to give them plenty of outdoor runs, but don’t worry—they usually don’t wander too far from home.

Moreover, these chickens are tough, handling cold and hot weather well, though they do better in the cold and need extra care when it’s really hot. They’re peaceful with other chickens, and not the type to start trouble, which makes them great for a mixed flock.

Plus, they’re easy to take care of, needing just the basics like food, water, and shelter, making them a great choice if you’re new to raising chickens.

Starlight Green Egger Eggs Discussion

Egg Size

The Starlight Green Egger typically lays medium-sized eggs. However, they are somewhat smaller than regular chicken eggs. While they might not be the largest, they are still substantial enough for most culinary needs and can be particularly appealing for those looking for medium-sized eggs.

Egg Production

While the Starlight Green Egger might not top the charts that lay high quantities, it still boasts a commendable output. These hens produce 3-4 eggs per week, amounting to roughly 280 eggs annually.

starlight green egger eggs

Laying Age

The Starlight Green Egger chickens mature reasonably early, with most hens commencing their laying cycle between 18 and 24 weeks old. However, it’s worth noting that some might take a bit longer, possibly up to 26 weeks, before they start laying. This variance can be attributed to individual growth rates, diet, and environmental conditions.

Egg Color

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this chicken is the color of their eggs. Starlight Green Egger hens lay a green egg. While these hens predominantly lay only green eggs, which stand out with their uniqueness and bring a touch of novelty to dishes and collections, there’s a twist in the tale. 

Despite their reputation for laying green eggs, according to Hoover’s Hatchery, there’s a small chance (around 5%) that this chicken breed might surprise you by laying brown eggs.

Physical Appearance of Starlight Green Egger Chicks

starlight green egger chicks

Starlight Green Egger chicks are distinctively adorable with their vibrant appearance. They typically sport a yellow to buff-colored plumage right from hatching, which is bright and eye-catching. 

Their feet, a contrasting orange hue, stand out against their body color, and their pinkish beaks add another color to their overall look. As they mature, their plumage will evolve, showcasing a variety of patterns, but as chicks, their combination of bright body color, orange feet, and pink beaks make them a standout among other breeds.


Starlight Green Egger is more than just a chicken; it’s a delightful blend of vibrant egg production, charming appearance, and amiable temperament. Its unique egg color and endearing chick appearance make it a standout, while its easy-going nature ensures it integrates well with other breeds. 

For anyone looking to add a touch of color, consistency, and character to their flock, the Starlight Green Eggers are undeniably the perfect choice. 

Amelia Quinn

Living a self-sufficient lifestyle and raising chickens has been my passion since childhood. Over the years, I've realized this dream and gained valuable hands-on experience. Today, I am committed to empowering beginners and dreamers alike, help them navigate their own journey towards self-sufficiency and poultry farming.

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