Breed Profile: Sapphire Splash Chicken

Raising Sapphire Splash chickens has been a mix of fun and challenges. These pretty chickens are friendly and make my backyard lively. But learning how to take care of them took some time. I had to figure out what they eat and how to make their home comfortable. I made mistakes and learned from them.

So, I decided to write a guide to help others. This guide is easy to understand and will help you care for your Sapphire Splash chickens so they can be happy and healthy.

Quick Overview of Sapphire Splash Chicken

  • Origin: Czech Republic
  • Purpose: Dual-Use
  • Color: Blue/Grey
  • Parent Breed: Sapphire Gem
  • Lifespan: 7 years average
  • Rooster Weight: 6-7 lbs.
  • Hen Weight: 4-5 lbs.
  • Broodiness: Yes
  • Personality: Calm
  • Care Level: Low
  • Comb: Single
  • Egg Yield: 290 eggs/year
  • Egg Size/Weight: Large, 45-50g
  • Egg Color: Brown
  • Foraging: High
  • Climate Preference: Both Hot/Cold

What is a Sapphire Splash Chicken Breed?

The Sapphire Splash Chicken Breed is a special kind of chicken with gray feathers that range from light to medium dark. They also have darker spots on their feathers, which make them look unique.

Additionally, these chickens come from the Czech Republic and are known for being very strong, and able to handle cold and hot weather well. They are also great at laying eggs, making them a good choice for people who want chickens that not only look beautiful but also can lay a lot of eggs.

Sapphire Splash Chicken in the farm

Physical Appearance of Sapphire Splash

The Sapphire Splash chicken has a very special look with its mix of blue and grey feathers. You’ll see some darker spots on the feathers, too. Their heads and necks are mostly grey with a little blue, and around their eyes, it’s darker, which makes their eyes stand out. They also sport a single type of comb.

Also, their belly is lighter grey, and their legs and beaks are peachy-yellow. Even though each chicken might look a bit different, they all have this cool mix of colors.

Additionally, roosters are a bit bigger, averaging around 6 to 7 pounds, while hens weigh about 4 to 5 pounds and have smaller combs and wattles. Their suitable weight and impressive egg-laying ability make this chicken breed an excellent choice for dual-purpose farming.

The Personality of Sapphire Splash Chicken

Sapphire Splash Chickens are known for their calm, docile, and friendly personality, making them great choices for families and children. They interact well with other chickens and need minimal attention, happily exploring their environment and foraging.

Despite their calm nature, they’re also active and curious, loving to scratch the ground in search of insects and other small prey. They even enjoy dust baths, which help keep their feathers clean and healthy.

Sapphire Splash Chicken Breed

Their personality is not limited to being docile and calm; they also have a cuddly side and don’t mind occasional human interaction or lap time. These chickens are vigilant and protective, especially the roosters who protect their flocks from predators.

Moreover, these chickens are hardy and adapt well to different climates, they are cold and hot weather hardy. They can tolerate cold weather without declining egg production and acclimatize easily during the summer as well.

Sapphire Splash Chicken Egg Production

On average, a Sapphire Splash hen can lay about 290 large brown eggs annually. This high level of egg production, combined with their hardy nature and adaptability to both cold and hot climates, ensures that they maintain their laying performance regardless of the season.

This makes Sapphire Splash chickens an excellent choice for those looking to keep chickens both for their aesthetic appeal and for a reliable source of fresh eggs.

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Sapphire Splash Chicken hen

Health Concerns of Sapphire Splash Chicken

Like their Sapphire Gems parents, Sapphire Splash are considered cold and hot weather hardy birds with minimal health problems. However, like any chicken breed, they can be susceptible to common poultry health issues.

Parasites such as lice, mites, and worms threaten all chicken breeds if not properly managed. Regular cleaning of the coop and timely replacement of food and water can help keep these pests at bay.

Cleanliness in the chicken enclosure is crucial to prevent diseases such as fowl pox, coccidiosis, and avian influenza. These conditions are not specific to Sapphire Splash Chickens but can affect any poultry if the environment isn’t adequately maintained.

Providing a nutritious diet and shelter from extreme weather conditions is essential for overall health. Regular veterinary check-ups can help monitor their health and preemptively address any potential health concerns.

Availability of Sapphire Splash Chicken Breed

The Sapphire Splash Chicken Breed is relatively rare and not widely available. They were specially bred and are mainly offered through select hatcheries specializing in unique or less common chicken breeds. Due to their exclusivity, finding these chickens can be a challenge.

Potential owners often need to search specialty poultry websites or contact breeders to inquire about availability. Because of their limited distribution, I advise interested buyers to plan ahead and possibly get on waiting lists to secure their chickens.

Sapphire Splash Chicken

Where to Buy This Breed?

In the United States, only a few hatcheries offer Sapphire Splash chicks. One of the renowned places where you can find them is Hoover’s Hatchery. They offer pure-colored, light to medium dark gray plumage Sapphire Splash chicks and even provide an online ordering and delivery service. 

Before placing an order, I recommend ensuring you know the brooding and housing requirements to provide the best care for these chickens once they arrive.

My Tips for Caring Sapphire Splash

Caring for Sapphire Splash chickens requires attention to their diet, environment, and health. You can follow these tips to help ensure your Sapphire Splash chickens are both happy and healthy.

  • Provide a balanced diet: Include a mix of grains, pellets, and greens. Don’t forget to add calcium for eggshell strength.
  • Ensure clean, fresh water: Change their water daily to keep them hydrated and healthy.
  • Create a spacious coop: They need room to roam and roost comfortably.
  • Offer protection from predators: Secure the coop and run area to keep them safe.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Regularly clean the coop to prevent disease and pests.
  • Allow for dust baths: Provide a dust bath area to help them keep their feathers clean and free of parasites.
  • Monitor health regularly: Keep an eye on their behavior and appearance for signs of illness.
  • Provide adequate shelter: Ensure they have shade in summer and warmth in winter.
  • Foster social interaction: These friendly chickens enjoy company, so consider raising them with companions.
  • Give them space to forage: If possible, allow them access to a safe outdoor area where they can peck and scratch naturally.

My Journey with Sapphire Splash Chicken

My journey with Sapphire Splash Chickens has been full of surprises and learning. I was drawn to their beautiful feathers and friendly nature when I first got them.

Over time, I’ve learned much about caring for them, from their favorite foods to how they like to explore and take dust baths. They’ve been great for laying eggs, giving us plenty to use at home. Raising these chickens has been rewarding, not just because they’re pretty, but because they’ve become a lively part of our backyard. They’re hardy birds, doing well in the cold and heat, making them easy to care for.

Having Sapphire Splash chickens has been a great experience, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a chicken breed that’s both beautiful and practical.

Amelia Quinn

Living a self-sufficient lifestyle and raising chickens has been my passion since childhood. Over the years, I've realized this dream and gained valuable hands-on experience. Today, I am committed to empowering beginners and dreamers alike, help them navigate their own journey towards self-sufficiency and poultry farming.

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